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professional services

let me tell your story...

When I'm not living adventurously or traveling, I work. You can email me to find out about any of my services.

My expertise:

  • financial/banking

  • government

  • not for profits

  • science (STEM)

  • sport

  • education and development

  • social enterprise

  • management boards and committees (voluntary)

Visit my linkedin profile.


communications & media

Communications planning and implementation, community based social marketing, media, events

web content

content planning and management, intranet communications

writing & editing

copy writing, creative writing, web, on-line email marketing, blog, editing, reports, on-line survey development 

engagement & facilitation

community and stakeholder engagement plans, meeting and workshop facilitation

social media

social media management, including facebook, twitter, linkedIn, instagram

public speaking

public value, government communications, blogging, travel in Australia, adventurous living

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