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why parkrun is so good

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, from the insanely fit to the extremely unlikely. They come together at Parkrun. It's a phenomenon. Every Saturday morning around 8.00am runners congregate at meeting points around the globe to run or walk 5km.

Not only is everyone welcome, but you only need to register once and it's free. I started running Parkrun two years ago and I'm completely hooked. I'm passionate about physical activity, so it's been a delight for me to see the increasing number of young children turning up at my local Mt Barker Parkrun. Those kids are great and so are their parents.

Parkrun is a family affair for us. Drew comes along to spectate and cheer. I run with Timmy the dog, who pulls me along in the vain attempt to get closer to the boys. Sometimes I catch up with Chase and he slips his hand into mine as we turn over the kilometers. I get a quick high five from Ollie on my way to the turnaround point, as he is well and truly heading for the finish. They make me so proud.

I'm often frustrated by the number of people who tell me they 'cant' run. My physio says that just about anyone can pull on the running shoes, but you get an exemption if you've had a knee replacement. Yes, sometimes it hurts like crazy and the doubt creeping through your head can be awful. But crossing the finish line and handing in your timing chip, is its own reward.

The start/finish lines are often close to a cafe - think coffee and something else delicious - so you can indulge with friends afterwards or just stand around and chat to some of the Parkrun community.

Parkrun is a great way to start your day.

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