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Spit Bridge to Manly walk

Updated: May 25, 2020

We caught two buses and a train to the Spit Bridge, with the help of moovit, a great little app that even notified us when the bus stop was approaching.

The trail was well marked through native bushland and harbour beaches. We started at the busy Spit Bridge, gobsmacked by the number of million dollar yachts moored in the marinas.

Our first stop was at Clontarf Reserve, a lovely picnic spot with a fenced swimming area, playground and kiosk. Being school holidays it was busy, but not so crazy that we couldn't find a spot in the shade to enjoy. The kids enjoyed jumping off the shark-proof barriers in the ocean pool.

The trail signage said the walk was 10km, although my GPS watch thought it was less. It was hot and humid, and the number of stairs made it hard work, but the views made up for that. People with wonky knees or the very unfit might find it unsuitable.

The coastline and secluded beaches were divine. The little water dragons running over the trail were a highlight for the kids. The classic Sydney walk was one of the finest we've done for a while.

We finished off at the Manly Wharf. Everyone was ready for an ice cream and a drink. The milkshakes were $8.50 each, an expensive proposition for a family of four. We called into Aldi instead and bought ice creams and drinks for a quarter of the price.

Cost: Nil

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