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Porongurup national park

Updated: May 25, 2020

1 May 2018

We visited Porongorup National Park on our way to Albany. Travellers who devour The Lonely Planet will find it in there. I'd typed it into my spread sheet of places to visit and planned to do some hiking.

We weren't sure how how steep the walk was, but we were keen to go to Castle Rock and climb the granite sky walk. So we did!

Even with the full leg brace Ollie managed to climb the 2.2km trail, negotiating loose footing and scrambling the rocks at the top. The walk description said moderate fitness was required - I wondered if a peg leg was considered suitable!

The wind blew a gale and made negotiating the tricky ascent over the boulders to the granite sky walk even trickier. People uncomfortable with scrambling over the large rocks to the sky walk may chose not to continue. There are still good photo opportunities at Balancing Rock and Karri Lookout.

The sky walk was an engineering marvel, affixed to the side of huge rocks with a see-through mesh floor. It was impossible not to be impressed by the construction.

We all held on tightly. The wind felt as if it might carry us off at any moment. Drew and I found it disconcerting, despite our rock climbing experience.

I was happy to climb back down, even though it had impressive views.

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