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cracking trails in Sturt Gorge

Updated: May 25, 2020

People who can walk, run or ride, will find something for them at Sturt Gorge Recreation Park.

We are semi-regular visitors here, mainly for the fun mountain biking trails.

We visited again on Sunday. Drew and I enjoyed cruising around the craighburn trails with a friend, while the kids participated in junior dirt skills mountain bike training. There were a few kangaroos on the hillside, watching the cycling with interest!

Tip #1: People who can ride a mountain bike, should visit this place. From the easy to the extremely difficult trails, there is something suitable here for most riders. It is a popular walking and running spot too.

It wasn't flat and some of the trails could be described as a bit of a grind, or worse! But we found a few kids on balance bikes on the flatter areas, so it wasn't all hard work.

Tip #2: The best access for mountain biking is from Craighburn Road at the rear of Craighburn Farm. You can park at the back of the footy club.

In an area of conservation significance, Sturt Gorge has beautiful bush, a picturesque lake and a huge well-hidden dam wall to explore. Dog owners can take their furry friends with them, as long as they are restrained on a lead.

Tip #3: Birdwatchers could try taking binoculars with them down to the lake. It was busy here mid-morning, so the early hours of the morning are probably better for spotting wildlife.

The kids wanted to get in a few extra trails and jumps even after the coaching finished, but Drew and I were content to be lazy and packed up while we waited for them to finish off.

We eventually got away and left feeling like we'd exercised, but with big smiles on our faces. Perfect!

Cost: free

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