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Cooks River parkrun

Updated: May 25, 2020

Readers of my blog will know that I am a big fan of parkrun. Anything that encourages people to move, get outdoors and is free, earns a big tick in my book. You just have to register once and take your barcode with you.

Today Chase and I visited Cooks River Parkrun in Cantebury, Sydney. I heard one of the locals joking that it was the Australian parkrun most likely to be flooded.

My inner voice advised me to walk the course, to avoid aggravating my niggling knee and perennial tendon. Chase told me that there was no way he was walking, and he'd meet me at the finish line.

My crazy running voice told me I could just run the 5km slowly, so that Chase wouldn't be left at the finish line waiting for too long.

The run director reminded 150 parkrunners that the humidity was going to be tough, despite us being given a temperature reprieve. He suggested that today might not be the day for personal bests. He was right! Runners and walkers alike were happy to be handed an iceblock as they crossed the finish line.

The conditions made it a tough slog, but the track was picturesque and we got to see an area that we wouldn't have normally visited. That's why parkrun tourism has become a bit of a thing - you should try it. There's also the hard earned breakfast afterwards. Chase and I visited espressoscuro where we enjoyed arepas and refreshing iced coffee.

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