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child's play at Darling Harbour

Updated: May 25, 2020

Eight year olds don't need culture and hard exercise every day, so I took Chase to the big playground at Darling Harbour today.

Finding the playground was a challenge. Directional signage in the city continued to confound me and we walked out of our way before arriving at the destination. Council workers should spend some time with tourists who navigate Sydney on foot, to assess the quality of their signage.

Chase made friends at the playground and kept busy for almost 3 hours, which gave me plenty of reading time.

We visited local restaurant Umi Sushi and bought some delicious bento boxes which were huge, healthy and great value. Tourists in Darling Harbour who are used to average and expensive food offerings will find this very surprising!

Both kids were exhausted by evening but managed to watch Home Alone 2 before bedtime.

Cost: $15 each for vegetarian bento boxes

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