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a ghost in my suitcase

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

We decided to slow the pace a little today and cover a few less kilometers. We were all still tired from yesterday's hike.

My idea was to venture inside the Opera House this time around, not just admire it from a distance. I was surprised to discover that it was three separate buildings, and not one structure as I had believed.

We got great seats at a very reasonable rate. Families should note the discounted rates available. We were thinking of taking a behind the scenes tour, but that will have to be saved for another time.

We saw a ghost in my suitcase by Gabrielle Wang. The plot acknowledged the immigrant background of many Australians. Our heroine travelled to China to scatter her mother's ashes and discovered that her grandmother was a ghost hunter.

The sets were clever and afterwards some of the cast and directors did a informative Q&A session for the audience.

After the show we strolled through the botanic gardens and checked out plants with bite, a beautiful display of carnivorous plants. The exhibition contained the largest vertical floral wall in the southern hemisphere.

Our feet hurt as we tried to find our way to China Town for dinner. Sydney really is difficult to negotiate on foot. Eventually we found a Chinese restaurant and enjoyed a good feed. Like locals we located the central railway station - just in time for the train - and headed for our accommodation.

Cost: varies but the family pass is great value.

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